Area Room Category Name Info Difficulty
Brinstar Red Tower 14% Speed Bottom of Red Tower Spark Intermediate
A shortcharge leading into the energy recharge room to the left of Red Tower lets you skip an IBJ up.
Everywhere Any All 3-Bomb Vertical IBJ Intermediate
Remember to delay the upper bomb.
Everywhere Any All Diagonal IBJ Intermediate
This is definitely something that requires a lot of practice, but eventually it will just click.
Everywhere Any All Diagonal IBJ into Vertical IBJ Intermediate
This is actually quite easy, considering one already knows how to diagonal IBJ.
Everywhere Any All Vertical IBJ into CIBJ Beginner
I'd definitely say the hardest part of this is the CIBJ.
Everywhere Any All Sinking IBJ Advanced
A quick explanation for the technique behind vertical and diagonal sinking IBJs.
Everywhere Any All Basic IBJ Tutorial Beginner
Galamoz's tutorial on basic infinite bomb jumps, and also the advanced 3-bomb jump. If video doesn't load here, click "Video" in the top right corner.